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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be the most efficient way to restore your smile and renew full oral functions such as eating, drinking, and speaking. Modern dental implant techniques provide a means to natural-looking, healthy smiles like no other tooth replacement options.

Treatment for dental implants may vary, depending on the knowledge and experience of the team involved, to produce the finest results.

With Dr. Lo’s multitude of experience, he understands that efficient dental implant placement only happens with maintaining continuing education and updates in the area of implant dentistry. This is why he continues to work with a team of experts in this innovative field to provide his patients the highest level of care.

A titanium post is surgically placed precisely in the jawbone with the appropriate amount of bone structure and gum tissue. Once the implant and bone fuse together to form a solid foundation, Dr. Lo places and shapes a crown to top the titanium post to blend naturally with your other teeth. Upon completion, you will have achieved an absolutely beautiful smile with no indication you received dental implants.

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